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A jewel with the ocean as the nearest neighbor

Skanör and Falsterbo are located as a little jewel at the bottom of the south-western corner of Sweden.  With the ocean as the nearest neighbor, nature has been formed for millions of years to the beautiful place it is today. Many tourists and bathers who experience the beaches for the first time don’t understand how locals ever want to leave this place for an other place and vacation! The sand is clear white and very, very fine-grained. So sure, it’s well worth the effort to take a bath towel and settle down in the sand a sunny summer day – But do not forget to swim! The water is crystal clear and clean, with well-rolling sand bottom. And the water can stay surprisingly warm far into autumn!


In the past, a trip to Skanör and Falsterbo could be very riotous when crossing “Ljungen” (the land between Ljunghusen and Skanör/Falsterbo), which was constantly ravaged by air sands. Therefore, Skanör-Falsterbo was almost always visited by sea.

In the Middle Ages, the herring came in such quantities that boats couldn’t take care of it all – at least if one believes the stories. At the same time, there was a power struggle between kings and the “Hansa” about revenues from trade. The battle between Denmark and Sweden about “Skåne” was largely based on the struggle for revenues from herring fishery. Because at this time, the herring was the major export product, due to the fact that the Catholic Church didn’t allow people to eat meat before the holidays and in the lenting.


As a tourist there is a lot of exciting things to discover and see in Skanör-Falsterbo.
Vellinge municipality has more detailed information on its website.